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This is where I talk about myself in the third person.
RE is a New Orleans, Louisiana artist, born and bred and is currently based out of New Orleans, LA.


Rebecca holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Multimedia Design + FINE ART from Loyola University of New Orleans


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Artist + Magic Maker



Beauty is everywher. I capture it with my mind and take a mental picture to display latter in the form of art.






New Orleans Native, Re is an Artist of the Dreamy Utopian Emotional World and mystic beauty of New Orleans and Louisiana, living and working in New Orleans, LA.



As a Visual artist, Rebecca's bodies of work that evoke the emotion that she is feeling and the dreams she is having as well as the beauty of New Orleans and Louisiana. Rebecca thinks of her artwork as still photos capturing a specific moment in time or dream and the beauty and essence of New Orleans and Louisiana.



Rebecca’s artwork is in multi mediums and styles. She focuses on abstract, dark and light spectrums of fantasy, emotions captured in time, dreams, New Orleans Culture, Louisiana Nature.



In her work, she deconstructs the fantasy, emotions, dreams, feelings, fantasy and southern culture and nature by creating the the image and she feels it. All of her art has underlying meanings in the style and technique based on emotions. Dark and light spectrums of fantasy develop from the depths of her mind and imagination. All of these styles are created in her own stylized manner using watercolor, acrylic, pen and ink, and digital mediums.



While she uses a variety of materials and processes in each project, her methodology is consistent. Although there may not always be material similarities between the different projects they are linked by recurring formal concerns and through the subject matter. The subject matter of each body of work determines the materials and the forms of the work.



Each collection consists of one work or thought, sometimes in a range of different medium or just one medium, grouped around specific themes and meanings. During research and production new areas of interest arise and lead to the next body of work.



In addition, her FINE ART, Ranges from conceptual, architectural, nature and documentary, evokes a mood and/or feeling, similarly to her Fine Art Paintings and Illustrations.



Rebecca studied Fine Art and creativity all her life, starting at the age of 5.
Her first Art Show was at Maison Blanche, drawing and coloring Mr. Bingle, she won first place,
a $100 and a Mr. Bingle stuffed animal!!



In elementary school she took Fine Art classes in the school curriculum as well as in the summers by an Individual Private tutor.


In high school she took Fine Art and Digital Design electives.


Then moving on to college, studying under the Dean of the Fine Arts College and other fine professors at Loyola University, she honed in on her style and talents under the College of Arts, Majoring in Multimedia Design and taking classes ranging from Studio Fine Art / FINE ART/ FINE ART / FINE ART.



Rebecca graduated from Loyola University in 2003 with a BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) Majoring in Multimedia Design/Fine Art/FINE ART. Upon graduation she accepted a string of jobs in FINE ART/FINE ART and FINE ART and Development while pursuing her freelancing design, FINE ART and art career.



In the summer of 2005, her life changed drastically, due to hurricane Katrina. After enduring and surviving through the storm (both during and after) and loosing the majority of her belongings (including artwork), she relocated to another state continuing her FINE ART/FINE ART and Art career.

After moving back to Louisiana and settling in Baton Rouge for a year and then finally back to New Orleans area in 2009, she again continued her full time career with a local business as a Graphic & FINE ARTer/ Photographer as well as her freelance career for her company Rebecca Pons, Re FINE ART and as an Fine Artist as Re.



In 2016 she decided that she wanted to not just be a Sunday artist and take the leap to go full time with her businesses. She began creating some savings and a years worth of artwork and In 2017, the company she was working for full time downsized, giving Rebecca the push to make the leap and get to work on art to her hearts content.



As of 2017 both of Rebecca’s businesses have bloomed into full - time as artist/designer/photographer . After hitting the pavement she has created a small following via etsy and social media via her art business and continues to branch out on every avenue that she can.

Rebecca has created commissions for local hotels including the MARQUEE HOTEL in New Orleans CBD as well as celebrities and New Orleans well knowns.



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mixed media




home furnishings
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“The pictures in my head play like film on a reel.
— Re